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December 2020 - Let's Get Ready for Cold & Snow!

Hello December!

Hello ETPM Owners & Tenants!

I hope this email finds you well-rested after Thanksgiving festivities.

A couple of housekeeping reminders, upcoming scheduling & general guidelines coming your way.


December - The cold and snow will soon be here! Before you know it, December's snow & cold will be here. A couple of things are in order to prepare: 1. Winter - Exterior Hose Bibs - Apart of the winterizing process is to shut off the water to any exterior hose bibs and drain them. Your porter will perform this task at every building in which we have access to those water outlets. But, if you have a private outdoor space with an exterior hose bib we ask that you perform this task immediately as freezing temperatures will be soon upon us. If you need help, let us know! 2. Weather Guard Entrance Mats - if your building does not have appropriate weather mats, let us know so that we can provide some options for your board this week. December - Holiday Maintenance The month of December continues our holiday season and the extra maintenance that comes along with it. 1. Please be sure to break down any boxes you may have and place them in designated areas so that everyone has space to store their recyclables. Your Porters service your buildings twice/thrice a week [and will make efforts to visit more when deemed necessary] however, we don't want any liabilities with overflow of boxes. Ensuring all boxes are flat when placed in the recycle area is a HUGE help during this time. Thank you! 2. December - Holiday Trees ***DSNY scheduling is subject to change due to COVID. Be sure to check their website to confirm their services*** Normally, DSNY provides curbside pick up for holiday trees through the middle of January. We anticipate that still being the case this year. We also recommended 'Mulch-Fest' which allows NYC residents to bring their trees to designated locations, and they will chip your tree into wood chips that they use to nourish trees around the city. [love this!] We are not sure if this program will be in effect but keep a lookout for it on NYC GOV PARKS website. Whatever route you choose we ask that you handle the disposal of all holiday trees with your entire building [and porters] in mind and with care. The best way to transport your tree from your apartment to the curb is to place them in tree disposal bags before dragging your trees through your hallways. It drastically reduces the mess left by the tree needles and helps to keep the building maintained in between your porters' visits during this time of year. Be sure to clean up after any of your fallen pine needles as well.

December - Holiday Safety

We've experienced an uptick in security concerns and theft amongst the buildings, and within the neighborhoods as a whole, attributed to both COVID, an enormous increase in online purchasing/deliveries, and the holidays approaching. One of the occurrences included a man asking a resident to 'hold the door open so I can go upstairs and visit with Unit ...". That 'visitor' left the building stealing a tenants bike. It is EXTREMELY important and vital to the safety of all residents that all exit doors remain locked at all times and everyone stays aware of their surroundings when leaving & entering your buildings. If your building has even a slight issue with the front door locking mechanisms we ask that you call the office immediately.

Neighborhood Freecycling

Holidays prompt many of us to clean out the closets, get rid of the old to make space for the new! And it's a neighborhood tradition to leave unwanted but good condition items on our stoops. However, with an increase in summonses being issued by NYC authorities we are strongly suggesting that the practice of leaving items out on your steps for any passerby to collect is replaced with sending them to donation center collections. Some of us even participate in our hyper-local Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook.

Your buildings safety is always at the forefront of our practices and anything that we ask or suggest is intended to uphold those intentions.

We hope that you are all healthy & doing well.

Should you have any questions - I welcome them! Chat soon! -C

E.T. Property Management, Inc 134 8th Street Brooklyn NY 11215 | 718-413-0973

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